World’s oldest hot cross bun

This article originally appeared in the Daily Telegraph, April 18, 2014

The world’s oldest hot cross bun – which was baked 207 years ago – resides with a retired couple in Essex.

Andrew Munson and his wife Dot were given the 207-year-old bun by an old neighbour.

A note with the historic bun says that it was baked on Good Friday 1807 in Colchester, Essex.

Local historian Andrew Phillips has discovered a direct link which supports the claims on the bun’s note, which makes it the oldest hot cross bun in the world.

Mr Munson, 75, said: “I think it’s a miracle it never went mouldy or fell apart in all these years.

“You couldn’t eat it though as it is as rock hard – like a ball of concrete.”

The couple store the ancient bun in a cardboard box in a draw at their home in Wormingford, Essex, in order to protect it from sunlight.

Every Easter they bring it out to show people, because it is a “talking point”, according to Mr Munson.

The grandfather-of-four explained that the bun was gifted to him by neighbour, Norman Baker, after he helped fix his electrics 30 years ago.

“I didn’t really know what it was when he gave it to me.

“He told me his great uncle had put it in that box so I just decided to keep it”.

Mr and Mrs Munson plan to pass it down to one of their three children to continue its record-breaking legacy.


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