You’ll be your father at 38

This article originally appeared in the Daily Telegraph, April 17, 2014

“You are just like your father” is a sentence that every son dreads. It signifies growing up, and, more concerning – it emphasises the fact that you are growing old, and few people find that an exciting thought.

But such comparisons with the old man are inevitable, according to a study which found that the average British man turns into his father by the time they are 38.

The poll of 2,000 men identified 30 signs of when the generations merge.

Commissioned by the television network Gold, the survey found that the 30 symptoms of becoming your father included things like napping in front of the TV, having a special chair and, quite possibly worst of all: dancing badly in public places.

Other symptoms included spending time in the loo, not knowing any music artists in the charts, getting excited about appliance sales, laughing at your own jokes, having a draw for manly things, and running off to the shed when a dispute breaks out in the house.

But there is no need to be pessimistic about this forecast, according to Gold TV boss, Steve North, who claims that there is much to be excited about growing old.

“The future looks bright for men – more sleep, having your very own chair, letting loose on the dance floor and finding ourselves funny. It seems 38 is the age men officially lose their inhibitions,” he said

The survey also found that one in five women believe they have married a man who is like their father.


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